Supernatural Activity

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Explore the charming and romantic ruins of this very haunted Castle. The castle is steeped in historical tales of bitter warfare, treachery, death, myths, legends and of course many ghosts and strange happenings. Will you come across the hooded figure seen under the gateway, meet the phantom blacksmith in the leather apron or witness the faces of ghostly children who are regularly seen peering out of an upstairs window? Are you  brave enough to investigate the eerie, dark and oppressive guard room which some staff members absolutely refuse to enter? Join in a quest to discover the spiritual residents which occupy this fascinating historical

Dates Of Events :TBC

Prices £35.00


During the vigil, you will become ‘part of the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunting Team’ and utilise all methods that we use when investigating or communicating with spirit. You will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as EMF / K2 meters, Infra red thermometers etc as well as being involved in table tipping, glass swirling, dowsing, scrying and séance to name but a few…


You will be briefed on how to use all equipment and spiritual methods employed during the vigil. The night will be structured throughout, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.



Hot & Cold Drinks available

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