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Nr Howden

East Yorkshire

DN14 7RX

Saltmarshe Hall is a 19th Century country house in Yorkshire, set in a 17 acre estate which belonged to the Saltmarshe family from the time of the Norman Conquest, until the last member of the family died in the early 1970s.

The present hall was built in 1825, although two earlier Halls once stood on the same site. The last Saltmarshe to live in the property was an eccentric bachelor who confined himself to 2 or 3 rooms in the house, with around 40 cats for company.

The current family live in two thirds of the Hall, but the North Wing (once the servant's quarters), was abandoned in the 1930s and a vast array of cellars and rooms which span the whole footprint of the house now lie empty - apart from the many ghosts thought to lurk within.

Many paranormal groups have investigated the Hall and Cellars, with the conclusion that there is indeed something very spooky happening there. Locals talk of ghostly apparitions in the grounds and unexplained noises from the dark cellars, whilst the abandoned servant's quarters have an eerie silence and are somewhere the current owners choose to avoid.

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Price £30.00

During the vigil, you will become ‘part of the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunting Team’ and utilise all methods that we use when investigating or communicating with spirit. You will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as EMF / K2 meters, Infra red thermometers etc as well as being involved in table tipping, glass swirling, dowsing, scrying and séance to name but a few…

You will be briefed on how to use all equipment and spiritual methods employed during the vigil. The night will be structured throughout, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.


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