Supernatural Activity

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"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together."
Eugene Ionesco 

Meet The Founders

NAME: Gaz Edwards

Founder of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts

Age : 30

Star sign : Aries

Best location investigated : Plas Newydd Llangollen 2011, Morecambe Winter Gardens 2013.

Gaz began his Paranormal Journey in 2006, when he created a Paranormal Group specialising in the investigation of Private Residences. Gaz carried out many Paranormal Investigations, and visited many different locations, each with varying claims of Paranormal Activity. "I have met many different people from all areas of the Paranormal World, from ufologists to demonologists, and have learnt from them many different techniques to use on our investigations. I have witnessed all kinds of Paranormal Phenomena, from a woman in a white dress crossing a landing, to my camera being thrown off its tripod in a church". In 2010 Gaz decided it was time move on to bigger and better opportunities, and, along with Elfyn, and Rich became co-founder of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts. 

Name: Elfyn Roberts

Founder of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts

Age : 42

Star sign : Leo

Best location investigated : Beumaris Gaol 2004

Elfyn began his Paranormal Journey in 2004, with his sister Bethan, at Ruthin Gaol. "I began watching Most Haunted, and thought I'd try it for real". Elfyn went on to investigate many different locations around the UK. Elfyn then joined a small team investigating Private Residences in 2006, and has seen and heard many things which he describes as 'unexplainable'. "My most memorable location to date is Beaumaris Gaol, what I saw that night will stay with me forever". In 2010 Elfyn, along with Rich and Gaz, became co-founder of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts.

Meet The North Wales Team

Name : Aaron

Trigger Object/Trainee Investigator

Age Unkown

Starsign : Unknown, possibly Aries

Best Loaction : 30 East Drive, Pontefract

Aaron's role within the group is vital at investigations, as a trigger object he can encourage spirits to interact with him. Aaron is able to detect and alert the presence of spirit energy. After Aaron was rescued he was fitted with equipment which can detect and alert the team when static electricity is in close proximity to him. Aaron now has an exciting career ahead of him and joins the team at every investigation. As cute as Aaron is, he plays a vital role at our investigations and shouldn't be distracted while he is working. Although he is available for pictures after the event has finished. We have no idea how old Aaron is as he was rescued from a life sitting atop a dusty shelf in an antique shop. Although we don't know how old Aaron is, we believe he is an Aries as he is very strong willed, takes pride and detail in the job he does, and is very caring and ambitious. 

Name : Cai Llyr Roberts

Tech Specialist / Media / Investigator

Age 18

Starsign : Cancer

Best Loaction : 

Name : Peter Roberts 

Photography / Investigator

Age : 40

Starsign : Aries

Best Location : George Street Chapel - Oldham , Plas Newydd - Llangollen , Morecambe Winter Gardens - Morecambe , Nant Clwyd Y Dre - Ruthin.

Ive allways been into paranormal and remember having my first experience when i was going in to conwy castle where my friend and i heard laughing in one of the towers there was no one else around.

My first ghost hunt was in 2003 at Plasteg in Mold.

I started going ghosthunting with Supernatural Activity in 2011 and i am now thankfully part of the team.

Name : Leanne Sheridan

Investigator/Team Member

Age : 

Starsign : 

Best Location : 

Name : Bryan J Nelson

Investigator/Team Member

Age : 

Starsign : 

Best Location : 

Name : Candice Harper

Investigator/Team Member

Age : 31

Starsign : Libra

Best Location :  Tivoli, Buckley

I have always had an interest in the paranormal after unexplainable events in the home when I was younger. Things used to happen at specific times which seemed much more than coincidental. My current home is also occupied by a lady who has been seen by both me and my son, and even my partner (who claims to be a sceptic!) has felt as though there was someone in the room with him. I am really excited to be part of the Supernatural Activity team, and can’t wait to investigate new locations with likeminded people.

Name : Caroline Watts

Investigator/Team Member

Age : 36

Starsign :  Aquarius

Best Location :  Stanley Palace, Chester and Tivoli, Buckley.

Like many people, I find the unknown fascinating and for me the paranormal world is no exception. I had one particular encounter in my old home, which to this day I cannot explain as anything other than having seen a ghost! The first ghost hunt I took part in was in Stanley Palace, Chester about 8 or 9 years ago and it was amazing just to be a guest, so joining Supernatural Activity as part of their team is a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the paranormal and visit some amazing locations.

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