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Nantclwyd y Dre is a timber-framed house in Castle Street, Ruthin. We know from tree-ring dating that the earliest part was built in 1435 or 1436. At the end of 1435 the plot of land on which the house now stands was held by a Welsh weaver, Goronwy ap Madog, and his English wife, Suzanna. In 1441 the house was leased to John Grey, probably an illegitimate son of a member of the Grey family that held the lordship. By 1456 it was the residence of Geoffrey the Clerk, a scribe able to write and speak both Welsh and English, who had risen to a position of importance. In the late 1480s it was occupied by another clerk, John Flixton, whose family had, like many Ruthin in habitants of this period, come from the Lancashire estates of the Greys.

As with many historic buildings over the following four hundred years the property passed through the ownership of many different families who all made alterations and extensions of the original property. During the Victorian times, the house as used by two surgeons, then an ironmonger (who became Mayor) before becoming a Girl’s School and then a Rectory.

Along side all of its useage during this time, from 1834 to 1970, the house served as the lodgings for judges who visited the town to sit at the assizes.

With this incredible history its no surprise that some of its former inhabitants wonder the corridors or linger in its historic rooms. Since reopening to the public there have been many reports of ghostly sightings and intense poltergeist activity, and now is your chance to investigate these claims.

Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts have unique access to the location including its most haunted areas. During the event you will be using ghost hunting equipment and undertaking ghost hunting vigils with our paranormal investigators and clairvoyant medium. You will be staying in one of the most haunted locations in Britain so we suggest that you bring cameras, camcorders and other recording equipment, you may be lucky enough to capture something truly paranormal!

Dates Of Events : TBC

Prices £45.00

During the vigil, you will become ‘part of the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunting Team’ and utilise all methods that we use when investigating or communicating with spirit. You will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as EMF / K2 meters, Infra red thermometers etc as well as being involved in table tipping, glass swirling, dowsing, scrying and séance to name but a few…

You will be briefed on how to use all equipment and spiritual methods employed during the vigil. The night will be structured throughout, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.


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