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Morecambe Winter Gardens

Join a Seance with Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts!

If you are looking for the archetypal Haunted location then the abandoned theatre at Morecambe will not disappoint. Its dark, foreboding corridors and empty balconies are a haven for the ghosts that haunt this once impressive building, now a shadow of its former glory. With a reputation as one of the most haunted and frightening locations in England, ghost hunts at Morecambe Winter Gardens are a must for any ghost hunter.

The Winter Gardens Theatre dates back to the 1870s and was originally the local swimming baths. It was transformed in 1896 into the Victoria Pavillion where it became a popular venue for many famous artists including George Formby and Laurel & Hardy, but the theatre began its decline in the mid-1950s and never recovered.

Morecambe Winter Gardens was visited by Most Haunted Live in 2008 and the location has become a favourite of serious paranormal groups due to the intensity of the activity experienced here. Ghostly footsteps have been heard along the empty corridors and shadowy figures are often reported in the upper balconies when nobody is up there. People have reported being grabbed by unseen hands, felt dramatic drops in temperature and even witnessed Poltergeist activity beneath the stage with stones being thrown from empty corners of the room.

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Prices £39.00


During the vigil, you will become ‘part of the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunting Team’ and utilise all methods that we use when investigating or communicating with spirit. You will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as EMF / K2 meters, Infra red thermometers etc as well as being involved in table tipping, glass swirling, dowsing, scrying and séance to name but a few…


You will be briefed on how to use all equipment and spiritual methods employed during the vigil. The night will be structured throughout, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.



Hot & Cold Drinks available

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