Supernatural Activity

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A Night at The Museum...

A virgin location on the North coast of Wales,

Where spirits arise amid sounds of hales,

A school with its pupils awaiting your presence,

To unlock thir playfulness,

So relish their essence.....

Be fearless be ready,

To face this location,

As spirits are facing their reincarnation.....

Join the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts Team as we venture into a location, 


The History...

Resurrected in Flintshire....origin unknown.....

A farm house, who lived here, what's their story......? 

The Organ, who's fingers caress its keys.....? 

A school, are the children still playing, still sitting at the desks?...... Who rings the bell in the dead of night?

The Cottage...... with an organ that must be played.....

Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts have exclusive access to this location.

You won't find this location anywhere else.

Explore the buildings with us, who knows what secrets Greenfield Valley Museum holds, who still haunts past residences?

We've got the equipment, we've got the location, now, we need you!!

Join us, on our mission to uncover what spirits lurk here.....

Dates 27th October 2017


Refreshments Included 

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