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"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see."
Winston Churchill

About Us

Supernatural Activity was founded in December 2010 by Elfyn Roberts, Gaz Edwards and Richard Evans. Elfyn, Rich and Gaz met in 200whilst ghost hunting with Beyond Belief Paranormal, of which Gaz was co-founderAfter many Paranormal Investigations together, Elfyn and Richard decided that Beyond Belief Paranormal wasn't heading in the direction they had hoped, a feeling also held by Gaz. Elfyn and Rich decided to leave Beyond Belief Paranormal, to create their own Paranormal Investigation team. The two asked Gaz to join them in their venture, to which he jumped at the chance, and resigned from his post as co-founder of Beyond BeliefParanormal. In December 2010, Supernatural Activity was born. A website was designed, and a Facebook Page created. Our first investigation, at Penrhyn Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay, was a sell out. With so much demand, we added an extra day, which again, was an overnight sell out. After our success, the website was revamped, and an improved online store and checkout system implemented. During 2011 we visited 14 locations, hosting Paranormal Investigations from Old Colwyn, to Morecambe. Demand was also increasing for private investigations, at people's homes, and workplaces. 
Supernatural Activity carried out many investigations at private dwellings, pubs, hotels, and even a stable on a farm! We soon realised that working private investigations around our public investigations was getting a little difficult.
December 2011 saw a milestone event for Supernatural Activity. Two locations, Ruthin Gaol and Nantclwyd y Dre (The Lords Garden), would be investigated in one night. Over 50 guests would join us for what we called 'Ghost Fest'. The evening was a complete success, and this raised the profile of Supernatural Activity even further. In July 2012, S.A.P.S (Supernatural Activity Paranormal Society) was formed. S.A.P.S was a 'rapid response team' for private investigations. A group of trusted people who we had met through our public investigations. S.A.P.S would alleviate the pressure from the founders, allowing more time for the day to day running of the Supernatural Activity.
In August 2013, due to increasing public investigations, and an improvement in the groups equipment
inventory,0 it was decided that S.A.P.S would discontinue. It was no longer feasible for Supernatural Activity to coordinate private investigations. Public investigations became our prime focus. In late 2014, Supernatural Activity was rebranded, and Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts was formed. The website went through a complete revamp, our Facebook page also saw big investment tincrease the visibility further afield.New team clothingand marketing materialwas purchased. Our inventory of assets was updated, and any aging equipment was disposed of, in favour of new, updated equipment. 2015 saw the founders take a well earned break from the late nights, focusing on work and personal life. Rich decided he would take a step back from the day to day running of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts until further notice. Elfyn and Gaz take the reins, and shape the future of Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts.

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