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Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts

When Heart Radio Presenter Oli joined us at Penrhyn Old Hall for our Halloween Ghost Hunt.

When Heart met Supernatural
When Heart met Supernatural

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Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts was founded in  2010 by Elfyn Roberts and Gaz Edwards.

Join the U.K's fastest growing ghost hunting event company for a night of paranormal investigation at some of the most haunted locations across the United Kingdom. From Haunted hospitals, Ghoulish gaols, Creepy castles and Dreaded dungeons. Come along and participate with the Supernatural Activity team on a ghost hunt...if you dare!

Its Now Time To Face Your Fears!

Ghost hunting has increased in popularity over the past few years.

This is mainly due to the televising of ghost hunts by programmes such as

Living TV’s Most Haunted,. Whatever you say about the

Most Haunted , Ghosthunters , Ghost Adventures , Ghost Lab and many more

nobody can knock what they have done for us in terms of making

ghost hunting as fascinating and as accessible as it now is.

At Supernatural Activity we take the theme of Most Haunted and

restructure it to make it an exciting event for members of the public. We

recognise what does and doesn’t make a good ghost hunt event and

through trial and error we have recognised that ghost hunting, whilst an

entertainment, is very important as an experience. We tend to remember

things that stand out for us and we have noticed that those people that

come on a ghost hunt event remember it for a long time afterwards.


If you would like to attend please scroll down to find the latest events or ring us on 07787244264

We now accept all credit cards through our website and over the phone.

Upcoming Events With
Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts Group

Christmas in The Village Ghost Hunt 

The Village


NG18 1AT

Friday 9th December 2016


Join us for what's known as the most haunted building in Mansfield!!

The Village is a grade one listed building set in the heart of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Built in the 1800s as a malt house called the maltings, then turned into a slaughterhouse after this it was left empty for years until the location was turned into a village night club until 2001, this location is supposedly host to a dark and sinister history.

The Village reopened its doors in 2013.

This location is reported to be a hive of paranormal activity including full-bodied apparitions, the voices and laughter of children, crying and unexplained dark shadows.

During the vigil, you will become ‘part of the Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunting Team’ and utilise all methods that we use when investigating or communicating with spirit. You will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as EMF / K2 meters, Infra red thermometers etc as well as being involved in table tipping, glass swirling, dowsing, scrying and séance to name but a few…

You will be briefed on how to use all equipment and spiritual methods employed during the vigil. The night will be structured throughout, to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

A ghost of Catherine is said to roam in the dark of this location; a distraught mother and her child thought to have been murdered at The Village. There have been several unexplained reports of a baby crying, possibly Catherine's child.

Join Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts as we explore The Village, and try to unravel its dark and mysterious past......

Saltmarshe Hall


Nr Howden

East Yorkshire

DN14 7RX

Saturday February 18th 2017


Saltmarshe Hall is a 19th Century country house in Yorkshire, set in a 17 acre estate which belonged to the Saltmarshe family from the time of the Norman Conquest, until the last member of the family died in the early 1970s.

The present hall was built in 1825, although two earlier Halls once stood on the same site. The last Saltmarshe to live in the property was an eccentric bachelor who confined himself to 2 or 3 rooms in the house, with around 40 cats for company. 

The current family live in two thirds of the Hall, but the North Wing (once the servant's quarters), was abandoned in the 1930s and a vast array of cellars and rooms which span the whole footprint of the house now lie empty - apart from the many ghosts thought to lurk within.

Many paranormal groups have investigated the Hall and Cellars, with the conclusion that there is indeed something very spooky happening there. Locals talk of ghostly apparitions in the grounds and unexplained noises from the dark cellars, whilst the abandoned servant's quarters have an eerie silence and are somewhere the current owners choose to avoid.

The Tivoli

Brunswick Rd




Join us at The Tivoli Theatre in the town of Buckley, North Wales.

With a history as a music hall, theatre and cinema dating back to the 1920's the Tivoli has undergone a number of transformations since its very early beginnings.

This Grade 2 listed building is a rare surviving example of a wartime cinema and miner's institute of distinctive design and was actually built on the site of a former Central Hall.

The Tivoli Theatre was very well known for running its annual pantomimes with a version of Dick Whittington which commenced in 1933 and actually ran for 27 years. Many celebrity acts have also graced the theatres stage over the years including the legendary Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin back in the early 1970s.

After a tragic fire that began in the projection room of the building in 1946 - the Tivoli is now reputed to be extremely haunted by a host of ghostly entities.

Paranormal occurrences are said to have been seen and felt by the many visitors to this location and some members of staff that work at the building have admitted they are now too scared to work the building alone.

Since the fire there have been various reported sightings of an apparition seen on the stairs here. Strange shadows and unexplainable movements have also even captured on the CCTV cameras around the building.

Doors have been heard slamming throughout the location, stones and other objects have been thrown and taps in the bathroom have mysteriously been reported to have turned on when no one was present at the time.

A strong smell of fire and smoke around the theatre and the projection room area has often been reported along with whistles and heavy dragging sounds in various parts of the building.

Join Supernatural Activity Ghost Hunts as we delve into the colourful history of this building.